Physician - Locums - Emergency Medicine

Prairie Band Health Services
Phoenix, AZ
Nov 24, 2022
Nov 28, 2022
Specialty / Focus
Emergency Medicine
Position Type
Practice Setting
Emergency Physician: SHIFT: Variable, day or night, 12-hour shift, seven days a week (holidays and weekends) 12-hour shifts: 0600 - 1800 0700 - 1900 1000 - 2200 1800 - 0600 1900 - 0700 LOCATION: Emergency Department

QUALIFICATION/CERTIFICATION - EMERGENCY PHYSICIAN: Contractor shall provide staff physicians with the following minimum qualifications/certifications:

1) Physicians must have completed an Emergency Medicine residency.

2) Physicians must have an active and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the state of Arizona or one of the other 49 states in the USA, or the District of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

3) Current certification is required in BLS (Basic Life Support).

4) ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support).

5) PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support).

6) The Contractor shall provide physicians who are American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) or American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine (AOBEM) Board Certified/Board Eligible Emergency Medicine Physicians.

STATEMENT OF WORK (SOW): Emergency Physician: The Contractor shall provide emergency medical services for the Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC) Emergency Department: 1) ABEM or AOBEM Board Certified/Board Eligible Emergency Medicine Physicians shall perform the following: a. The Contractor shall provide onsite coverage days or nights per annum. The Contractor shall be responsible for internally coordinating alls hifts amongst its credentialed emergency physicians, and for making sure that onsite service is provided by its contractors 365 days or nights of the year. Contractor(s) serve as a Medical Officer (Emergency Medicine) which involves performance of Ambulatory Medical Treatment for emergency, surgical and medical care services, at Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC), Phoenix, Arizona. b. The contract physician(s) of this position are designated as staff Medical Officer (Emergency Medicine) who provides direct care and services in the specialty are of Emergency Medicine. c. Assignments include providing comprehensive and continuing health and medical care services for adult and pediatric patients. The incumbent is expected to handle the full range of cases and problems in specialty, including the very difficult and complex. Cases are sometimes critical and require immediate decisions. Incumbent also functions as consultant specialist to PIMC medical personnel and to physicians at Indian Health Service field hospitals. Participates in teaching activities as needed. d. Provides emergency care as required, by interviewing (if possible) and examining any and all patients seeking emergency care. Contract physician(s) review past medical history, and immediately requests and/or performs diagnostic tests and examinations deemed necessary to obtain all possible information related to each case. e. Contract physician(s) Make preliminary diagnosis, directs, prescribes or provides treatment, or arranges for specialized care or patient referral as required. Physician(s) base medical decisions upon information obtained and professional medical knowledge and skills. Contract physician(s) makes notes of observations and incorporates these into clinical records. Contract physician(s) provide definitive management, in all medical categories, for cases that do not require a referral. The provider gives total patient care including prevention, developing patient care plans, health maintenance, early diagnosis, providing instruction/counsel, treatment, and follow-up services to patients under his/her care. f. Emergency Department Contract physician(s) shall respond to all ‘Code Blue” pages throughout the PIMCcampus. g. The contractor physician(s) shall comply with all PIMC policies and procedures. The physician(s) shall prepare and complete, in a timely fashion, the medical and other required records for all parties he/she admits or in any way provides care for the hospital or health care facility (Service Unit Medical By-Laws). During the performance of their duties, the contractor(s) shall provide for the consistent performance of patient care processes in accordance with the CMS Conditions of Participation and EMTALA, and the Joint Commission. The physician(s) shall also adhere to the Comprehensive Accreditation Manuals for Hospitals, The Laboratory Standards and Ambulatory Care Standards as they represent the scope of services of this contract. The Indian Health Service is moving toward a 100% use of the electronic health record (EHR). Once the emergency department is converted over to this electronic health record the contract provider(s) shall use the system for documentation. At that time, PIMC will provide training to all E.D. providers on the use of the EHR. h. Provider(s) conducts urgent/emergent services, making observations appropriate to the patient’s underlying disease and treatment plan. Physician(s) review the patient’s medications, diet therapy course, and management plan. The provider modifies regimen as indicated. Physician instructs and counsels patients and family members as required. i. Contract physician(s) refer patients to appropriate contracted medical (or other) facilities, providing full clinical information for care and diagnostic procedures that cannot be adequately provided at local IHS facilities. Coordinates and integrates information obtained into the ongoing Health Care Program at the Service Unit and assures timely follow-up care as required. Contract physician(s) also complete all necessary paperwork for Contract Health Services for all patients referred. Contract Physician(s) work closely with allied health professionals (i.e., nursing, Community Health Nurse, Social Workers, Health Educator, etc.) to utilize and coordinate the services of Health Care Professionals in the management of the patient’s medical, psychological and social problems. j. All contract physician(s) shall be formally granted clinical privileges in Emergency Medicine by the PIMC Governing Body or Executive Committee prior to assuming clinical responsibilities. k. Performance and Deliverables: Period of performance will be TBD through TBD. l. Supervision: The contract physician(s) shall provide guidance and instruction to all midlevel providers that work in the emergency department during each shift worked. The contract physician shall perform his/her professional work independent of Government supervision. However, matters of an administrative and non-technical nature will be referred to the Chief of Emergency Department Services and his/her designee. For the purposes of this order, the Chief of Emergency Department Services is designated as the “Supervisor”. m. Schedule: The contractor shall record time and attendance which shall be verified by the supervisor and/or his/her designee. n. Contractor shall ensure that proposed providers cooperate with and assist the Government in conduction of any necessary background checks.

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